PC800 Final Drive Oil Change

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You will need the following items:


Before starting the procedure you should apply some penetrating oil to the filler cap and go for a ride. This will warm up the final drive and allow the oil to drain faster.

Place the motorcycle on its centerstand. You may want to place some "forest products", e.g. newspaper, below the final drive before making a mess.

Give the area around the drain plug and filler cap a quick cleaning to ensure that foreign material is not introduced.

(If you haven't twigged to the notion that the final drive is near the middle of the big black rubber ring at the back of the bike then you might want to stop now.)


Remove the filler cap. It has rather fine threads and should not be forced.

Note: There is little reason to proceed with draining the oil if the filler cap cannot be removed.

Check the oil level. It should be near the bottom of the filler hole. If it is quite low you may need to find out where the oil has gone.

Place a container below the drain plug. As the flow decreases the oil will begin to run back toward the bottom of the final drive housing before dripping down. Make sure that the container is placed so that the runoff will not land on the rim and tire.

Remove the drain plug and sealing washer.


Clean and inspect the drain plug and its sealing washer.

Clean and inspect the filler cap and its O-ring.

Take a break while the oil drains.


Install the drain plug with its sealing washer.
Torque: 12 Nm (1.2 kb-m, 9 ft-lb, 108 in-lb)

Clean up any dribbles of old oil.


Fill the final drive with SAE 80W hypoid gear oil to the bottom of the filler hole. It should take about 150cc (5.1oz) of oil.

Tip: If you go just a tad over then spin the wheel backwards. The gears will carry some of the oil up temporarily.


In the following step do not overtighten the filler cap!

Install the filler cap with its O-ring. Take care not to cross-thread the filler cap. Do not overtighten!
Torque: 12 Nm (1.2 kb-m, 9 ft-lb, 108 in-lb)

Off you go! Do leave a string around your finger so that you remember to check for leaks after your next ride. Perhaps a trip to the local oil recycling center?